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Domestic violence: Where you can find help from ABC10, 09/19/2016

September 21st, 2016 No comments

img-icon-newsDomestic violence is more than just an issue people hear about,  it’s something many Americans have to deal with every day.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence(NCADV) has made a concerted effort in focusing on preventing abuse keeping people aware of the issue.

Sacramento County has many different outreach programs, like My Sister’s House and WEAVE, whose primary goal is providing services for those in need.

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Lawmakers seek solutions to inconsistent police data on domestic violence from the Denver Channel, 09/18/2016

September 20th, 2016 No comments

img-icon-newsDenver7 spent months requesting and analyzing records from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies — large and small — across Colorado, seeking to calculate arrest rates on calls of domestic violence and domestic unrest.

The state’s domestic violence law mandates an arrest when probable cause demonstrates a crime has been committed. The key phrase, “probable cause,” gives officers discretion to walk away from a domestic call without arresting anyone if there is no physical evidence or eyewitness statements to corroborate allegations of abuse.

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Martinsburg police program to serve domestic-violence victims from Herald Mail Media, 09/20/2016

September 20th, 2016 No comments

img-icon-newsThe Martinsburg Police Department recently created a program designed to identify and better serve victims of domestic violence while reducing the time that patrol officers spend responding to repeat calls.

Officer Teresa Gibbons, who recently was named the police department’s domestic-violence liaison officer, already has started her work to provide new opportunities for victims of abusive relationships.

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How a murdered woman became invisible in the coverage of her death from the guardian, 09/01/2016

September 2nd, 2016 No comments

img-icon-newsFive people die in Cavan, and in the days to come, Irish newspapers are full of questions. “Why did he do it?” asks one national daily, picturing a man and his three sons. “How could he kill those poor boys?” asks another.

Irish media outlets continued to ask why he had done it, and the nature of the coverage prompted Dublin-based writer, Linnea Dunne, to ask questions of her own in a blog article headlined “Rest in peace, invisible woman.”

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The Heartbreaking Issue In Brazil We Should Be Talking About from Refinery29, 08/11/2016

August 11th, 2016 No comments

– Trigger Warning – Sexual violence is a serious issue in Brazil due to a lack of public policies, and it stems from a lot of other issues. In my case, my mother suffered, too. She wasn’t sexually abused, but she suffered physical violence. She had to work to provide for us. When she saw she could be safe with a man, she didn’t want to lose the security he brought home because of us. If these issues are tackled through awareness sessions, girls could have a different future. Over time, I’ve learned to forgive my mother, and we have a good relationship now.

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Domestic violence is a workplace issue from CIO, 08/11/2016

August 11th, 2016 No comments

img-icon-newsSometimes a workplace is the only safe space victims and survivors have. I know, because work literally saved my life. What can you do to make sure your workplace is a safe space for those who are victims or survivors? You can be flexible, for starters. If you suspect or are certain that someone you work with is a victim of DV or IPV, cut them some slack. Even if they don’t want to admit it themselves (it took me much longer than it should have to admit what was happening and even more time to work out the logistics of leaving). Give them time off if they need it, whether it’s to nurse injuries or to go to court or to search for a shelter or a new apartment. You also can accommodate requests for varied working hours, or a different office space, or a new phone number or email address. You can make sure your security is tight so that an abuser can’t get to them physically or virtually.

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