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Domestic violence program launches from Carroll County Times, 07/26/2015

July 27th, 2015 No comments

img-icon-newsIn the past, hospital staff had pamphlets and cards — designed to be discreet — they could give to individuals they believed were in a domestic violence situation, but no method to determine if they were in immediate danger, according to Yingling.

“Now they know we’re asking,” she said. “Now they know we care.”

Brenda Harkavy, assistant state’s attorney and member of the county’s Special Victims Unit, said she hopes the assessments lead to more people being connected to services and fewer domestic violence cases.

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Sexual violence is on the rise, from the Economist, 07/22/2015

July 23rd, 2015 No comments

img-icon-newsLast month, a taxi driver in Fez ejected a customer from his cab, shouting that he was a “khanit,” slang for gay. A mob then beat the man, who was wearing a wig and a white dress. In a video that circulated widely online, the victim can be seen rolling on the ground while his attackers strike and insult him.

Because of that cell-phone footage, two of the attackers are now on trial for assault. Dozens of lawyers from human rights groups around the country have reportedly offered legal assistance to the victim, who was only saved by police intervention. The incident is just the latest in a series of controversies in Morocco over sexual freedom, public morality and the law.

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Comment One Simple Idea That Could Reduce Domestic Violence from the Huffington Post, 07/21/20158

July 22nd, 2015 No comments

img-icon-newsProviding free or subsidized legal representation to victims, the report concludes, may reduce domestic violence and would be cost-effective as it would likely result in lower associated health care and legal costs.

“Not only are there rights- and moral-based reasons for support for domestic violence survivors, there are many economic reasons too,” said Denise Grab, senior attorney at the Institute for Policy Integrity and co-author of the report. “When we invest in education or infrastructure, no one sees a problem because the benefits of doing so clearly justify the cost. This may be the case for when we invest in services to support domestic violence survivors as well.”

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Judge training may be focus of domestic violence task force from News 8, 07/15/2015

July 16th, 2015 No comments

img-icon-newsNow, the legislature wants to start a task force that would prevent these tragedies. Part of it would be a call for more training for judges.

The tragic death of seven-month-old Aaden Moreno earlier in July was compounded by the news that the child’s mother had been denied a restraining order by a judge just days before the father of the child, who has now confessed, threw the child off the Arrigoni Bridge into the Connecticut River.

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New laws, increased funding to help domestic violence victims from el paso times,

July 16th, 2015 No comments

img-icon-newsThe Texas Council on Family Violence and the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence on Wednesday recognized members of El Paso’s legislative delegation for their efforts in passing legislation providing those resources during the 84th Legislature that wrapped up last month.

“Their leadership is not benefitting only El Paso families, but every family that has been affected by violence across the state of Texas,” the state council’s CEO Gloria Terry said.

Among the bills becoming effective in September is one which requires that protective orders be entered into the Texas Crime Information Center, the law enforcement agencies’ primary database, within three days of being issued.

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Children’s brains changed by severe family violence, royal commission hears from ABC Australia, 07/14/2015

July 14th, 2015 No comments

img-icon-news“Children and very young babies can sense the fear in their parent and that has a profound impact … the relationship between the baby and the child’s primary carer, usually the mother, is critical to that child’s development,” she said.

“If the mother is being hurt, the baby — even though it may have been in a different room — will be impacted by the experience of the mother, who is likely to be in shock, experiencing fear, and if it’s an ongoing state, where the violence is embedded in the relationship, that cannot but impact on the baby.

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